Sunday, April 28, 2019

Some New Stuff

Hey guys!

There are a few new things happening. It's all exciting stuff, and I wanted to share!

First of all, after I got my paperback proof in the mail and I saw how light the city skyline looked on the cover, I decided to darken it. So, I give you the new full wrap for the What Doesn't Kill You cover! I like this a lot better. I think it has more of an "us against the world" vibe, which works really well for Ian and Kyler's story.

Second, now that I've gotten my writing juices flowing again, I'm starting to dive back into the Sealed With a Kiss world. Since the next book is part two of Elijah's story, my first step in doing that is going back and re-reading My Fate Is Sealed from cover to cover to get back into his head. I'm not going to be doing cover reveals for the next two books, because since I just took the images from the covers on the original trilogy and Photoshopped a different background color into them to make them the same, but different (just like the books are the same, but different), you pretty much know what they look like already anyway and it'd be kind of anticlimactic. But I'm in love with how the blue background turned out on the next book, so I wanted to share it. So, here's the cover for My Soul Is Sealed.

And, finally, because I decided to make some merchandise to put in a grand prize pack for the release party for What Doesn't Kill You, I went ahead and made a store on Zazzle too. So on the off chance that anyone wants a keychain, coffee mug, notebook, magnet, or something else with my name on it, GO CHECK OUT MY STORE! (P.S. I'm kind of in love with my new logo. Since, you know, I have a cat and a bunny.)

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