Friday, June 7, 2019


Yep, twice in one day. Lucky you. 😜 But I thought this warranted a separate blog. So, to pick up a little extra cash, I've started editing and formatting novels. Since I write romance, obviously that's what I'm most comfortable editing, but I will edit any genre. I'm going to post a link in the sidebar to my Fiverr page for editing, but I'm also going to post my prices right here. I'm aiming to price myself at a point where new authors who can't afford an arm and a leg for an editor can still get a quality job done. So, here's my price scale:

Up to 80k words: $300
81-100k words: $400
100-150k words: $500
Each additional 5k words: $25

Formatting ebook and paperback: $75 by itself or $50 if I edit the book.

If you'd like to talk to me about editing your book, you can email me at or click here to go to my Fiverr page.

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