Friday, August 9, 2019

Sealed With a Kiss stuff

Hey guys! So, I've got lots of exciting news for the Sealed With a Kiss series. First of all, I have all of the titles and stories finalized, and a lot of the supporting characters are getting their own books. I'm going to share all of them with you, and I've also added all of them to Goodreads so you can add them to your WTR list there. So, here's the full list of books that will be in the series, released and still to come). Add them all on Goodreads here!

  1. My Lips Are Sealed (Zoe #1)
  2. My Heart Is Sealed (Zoe #2)
  3. My Future Is Sealed (Zoe #3)
  4. My Fate Is Sealed (Elijah #1)
  5. My Bonds Are Sealed (River and Mason)
  6. My Soul Is Sealed (Elijah #2--Coming November 21, 2019)
  7. My Dreams Are Sealed (Elijah #3--TBD)
  8. My Pride Is Sealed (Maddie and Autumn--TBD)
  9. My Past Is Sealed (Kelly and Shane--TBD)
  10. My Choice Is Sealed (Abby and Nick--TBD)
  11. Our Years Are Sealed (Megan and Rob--TBD)
  12. My Role Is Sealed (Grant and Bryce--TBD)

That leads me into the other two announcements I have about Sealed With a Kiss stuff. First of all, My Soul Is Sealed has a release date! It will be coming to you on November 21st, with ARCs going out around Halloween. If you want to qualify to receive an advance copy of this book, it's preferable if you've read the whole series, but you at least need to have read Elijah's first book, My Fate Is Sealed. Otherwise, a lot of the stuff he says won't make a lot of sense to you.

Second, yes, Grant and Bryce are getting their own book, My Role Is Sealed. When I decided to write books for some of the supporting characters, I thought about giving Grant his own book with Bryce because I love Grant so much. But I really fought against the idea for a while, because the idea of writing a M/M romance scared the hell out of me. I'm still scared of it, honestly, but I'm also really excited to get to know Grant and Bryce better. I saved it for last, though, because I think I'm going to need some time to mentally prepare myself, and I'm also going to need some time to do some research and read at least a couple of M/M books to get an idea of what I want to do with their story and how I want to approach it.

Anyway, lots of exciting stuff coming up for this series, and I can't wait to share it all with you. I'm mostly done with the rough draft of My Soul Is Sealed and I'm super excited about how it's turning out. Because I just can't wait to share a little of it with you, here are a couple of teaser graphics that I made.

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